Visual Culture in 19th Century San Francisco
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Visual Culture in 19th Century San Francisco



Northeast corner of Clay and Kearny Streets. [F.] Gilbert’s Melodeon; stage terminal opposite the Plaza.

Paper print photograph. Roy D. Graves Pictorial Collection, Series 1: San Francisco Views, Subseries 1: San Francisco, pre 1906, Volume 2: Pioneer San Francisco, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Creator/Contributor: Unidentified photographer

Date: 1860

Location: San Francisco

[F.] Gilbert’s Melodeon, detail of Johnston and Howe’s Photographic Gallery (with framed pictures on display). Image notes: “‘Yellow Line’ stages ran on the old plank road to the Mission Dolores (officially the Omnibus Line); Pioneer Saloon; advertisement for ‘segars.’”

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Consuming Identities: Visual Culture in 19th Century San Francisco traces the growth of the commodified image industry in San Francisco during the nineteenth century, incorporating mass-reproduced visual representations of people into a broader history and explaining the cultural roots of modern celebrity.

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